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Fazil Ahmad


As an artist, I am constantly inspired by the beauty of the world around us. My art reflects my experiences, emotions and beliefs, and I strive to create pieces that resonate with others and evoke a sense of connection and wonder.



Oil painting offers a rich and tactile experience with a wide range of colors, textures, and techniques to explore.

The slow-drying nature of oil paint allows for greater control and blending, while the ability to work in layers allows for corrections and adjustments. Oil paintings also have a luminous quality and depth of color that is difficult to achieve with other media.

Overall, the versatility and beauty of oil paint makes it a medium that I find both rewarding and inspiring to work with.



Painting with watercolors is a beautiful medium because it offers a unique and delicate translucency that is difficult to achieve with other painting materials.


The transparent nature of watercolors allows for the layering of colors, creating a subtle and luminous effect that captures the essence of light and atmosphere. Watercolors also offer fluidity and spontaneity in their application, allowing for a range of techniques from fine lines and delicate washes to bold splatters and vibrant hues.

Overall, watercolor painting is a medium that offers a unique and captivating experience in seeking to capture the beauty and essence of the world around me.

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Sketching is a rewarding exercise for artists because it allows us to hone our observational and drawing skills, while also exploring our creativity and ideas.

Through sketching I can experiment with different techniques, compositions and styles, allowing me more spontaneity and freedom.

Sketching can also be a way to capture fleeting moments, gestures and expressions, creating a record of the world around me. Finally, sketching helps me to develop my visual memory, enabling me to recall and incorporate details from real life into my artwork.

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Digital artwork can be a very expressive way to communicate a mood or a feeling because it offers a wide range of tools and techniques for artists to explore.

Digital art allows me to create highly detailed and intricate designs with a level of precision difficult to achieve with traditional media. Moreover, digital art offers endless possibilities for experimentation with color, texture and composition, allowing me to create a wide range of moods and atmospheres.

The ability to work with layers, filters and effects also allows me to achieve a variety of styles, from photorealistic to abstract. Furthermore, digital art can offer a powerful way to express awe for nature, through the use of stunning visual effects that can transport viewers to new worlds and experiences.


The Book

Introducing Tomas Tillberg's limited edition,148-page soft cover book featuring the artists' captivating artwork. On sale now. Shipping July 2023.


Welcome to my art book, a collection showcasing original art including oil paintings, watercolors, sketches and digital art that I have created over the years. Each medium I’ve used is a testament to my passion for art and a commitment to exploring new techniques and mediums.

Reproductions are available on fine art paper, metal, canvas, acrylic and as framed archival prints with museum quality matte and acrylic - shipped worldwide. A certificate of authenticity will be issued electronically and emailed when your order is shipped.



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